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Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a 1,page manifesto entitled A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to. Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “ – A European Declaration of Independence”. July 28, We refrained from posting this document for a. A European Declaration of Independence De Laudt Novae Militiae Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote in The Communist Manifesto about the.

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– A European Declaration of Independence – Wikipedia

Marios rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Breivik starts to indeoendence smiley-symbols. Sam Agace rated it it was amazing Nov 21, I am going to say without equivocation that if one were to try to know Fjordman from just the text he has written, it would be safe to say that he hates women.

I have written several essays before on the damaging effects of Western feminism. Protesting is saying that you disagree.

Jul 25, Pat Schakelvoort rated it liked it. Wesley Oliveira rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Only good for learning how to make bombs and bioweapons.

So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience, and his motives go further than just a look at his hatred discussed disjointedly and blandly in his manifesto. And he placed this part first because it is the part that means the most to him, even above ov beyond the Islamification of Europe. It is a mess in terms of logical lay-out.

Resistance is saying you will put a stop to this. It mythical part of the organisation would have worked better if he died during his actions or committed suicide after them. It had gone too far European women have brought rape on themselves because they demean the poor Western men and because they and their buddies, their chums, their bosom pals, invited all those big, Islamic rapists in.


Breivik literally begins his manifesto bemoaning the lost family of the s. The text also copies sections of the Unabomber manifesto, without giving credit, while exchanging the words “leftists” for “cultural Marxists” and “black people” for “muslims”.

Anastashia Castillo rated it it was amazing Oct 27, On the subject of wing-nuttery Tobias Langhoff rated it did not like it Apr 01, He understands that they exist and that others look at the Eurabia conspiracy and dismiss it along with other conspiracies.

It is more in line with his loathing of cultural Marxism, but even that only goes so far. Screaminjay rated it it was ok Nov 10, Preview — by Anders Breivik. Here’s a snippet from Part Three: Indeed, Fjordman seems very happy all those Labor Party women got what was coming to them — violent rape.

2083: A European Declaration of Independence

On July 22nd,Breivik placed a car bomb at the Norwegian parliament and later went on x killing spree at a camp z the Norwegian Labour Party youth wing. The framework, in which he analyzed who should be killed, how to go about it, evasive maneuvers, etc. Feb 07, Wyvern rated it liked it Shelves: In a novel, this would be a large symbol, leading off with the lost, doomed family of the past. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The guy’s obviously a nut, but this is an interesting document for history’s sake.

Ciro rated it liked it Jan 02, It all ends with a short introduction to Beet farming. It is idyllic and romanticized, yes – and would result in the indepdndence deaths of countless people. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation – BBC News

The tone of the compendium changes a bit. After describing the Knights, he starts talking about himself. The way he concludes that the only remaining option now is armed resistance, terrorism and mass executions, while at the same time advocating for a ‘soft cultural conservatism’ and at the same time attacking the totalitarian methods of e.

It’s good to read material that contradicts your own opinions, and I must say, Breivik has quite a bit of evidence for his argument. An anonymous blogger who shits his pants after negative publicity and Breivik, a man of action. However, this is not the case for a Justiciar Knight. In this article, Part Three, I want to discuss the framework Breivik set up for the massacre and the things he actually did to prepare.

First of all, obviously he buys into the pearl-clutching ideas of Diana West that modernity is degenerate, despicable, violent and pornographic and that the s were the halcyon days of innocence, happiness and decency. For instance, Fjordman is strangely aware of how dumb his particular brand of conspiracy sounds but is unaware that he is just like every other True Believer out there in how he rationalizes his ideas.

After that he chronicles the buying of the ingredients for the bombs and how his going to buy his weapons. Needless to say, I will be reading many rebuttals and analysis of his work to give myself a fair perspective.