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n Light Weight. For footnotes refer to the last page. IRHM REF: MIL-PRF- / TOAA. This datasheet has been downloaded. 2N 2NU. JANSR (K RAD(Si)). JANSF (K RAD(Si)). ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = +25°C unless otherwise noted). Parameters / Test. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microsemi, N-Channel.

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Die Shear in accordance with paragraph i 4.

2N International Rectifier Corp., 2N Datasheet

The type will be defined on datasbeet specif lcet Ion sheet. MIL-CE does not specify the lead finish, but it does prohibit the use of a pure tin finish. Jsf 1M0PM Finish 31 is no longer available on the current revision of the specification. The line make inductors consist of the following parts: For glass -to- metal sealed products, all devices with terminals which are soldef dipped to the seal shall pass screen 7 of table IV, appendix E with a sample size of 1 16 pieces no failures allowed c.

Parts that define the lead finish as datashee than pure tin in the procurement specification, but allow the use of a pure tin finish as part of the process.

The letters represent the chemical symbol for all major component metallic elements in the solder. Silver-coated copp er-cl a d steel wire.

2N datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Datasheft shall be 7. Mil- M is the controlling document for device class M, B and S. The number indicates the nominal percentage, by weight, of the component element s see 3. Use of tin plating is prohibited see 6.

Commonly used sizes ore in stock for immediate shipment. Cores are available in dataasheet IEEE standard sizes and over 1, special sizes. Center contact finish; gold Outer contact finish; gold Housing and body: Use of tin-lead Sn-Pb finishes are acceptable provided that minimum lead content is 3 percent.


Summary by part number with the quantity used per assembly for the electrical components. Following these tests, the manufacturer shall submit the lot to the group A solderability test as specified in 4.

Parts that define the plating finish in their procurement specification, but do not specifically prohibit the use of a pure tin finish. MIL-T does catasheet contain a statement prohibiting the use of tin platting. Drawing number PD defines the material properties of the wire in the following paragraph, 3.

Both the package and the leads are gold platted.

2N7269 Datasheet

The materials used for the coil forms are variants of the following materials: The termination finish is identified by a single letter as follows: The sssocisted detail apacif Icatlon shall consist of thret digits from to as applicable.

The lead finish ehaii be designated by a ainple letter aa toilowe: ASTM B see 5. For explanation of superscript codes following XXXX.

The intent of this report is dataheet identify any electrical, electromechanical or mechanical part that does not have adequate requirements to prevent the use of a pure tin finish.

C, C Types A, ft. Ferrites can be pressed in block form and then machined into intricate shapes.

A pure tin finish is not prohibited. The intent of this report is to dataaheet and document the electrical and mechanical part requirements to identify any risk of having a pure tin finish on any of these parts. The part leads can be identified as gold from the DPA color photographs. The matte-tin plating shall contain no more than 0. This includes leads that are subsequently hot solder dipped unless This note is for use by projects that are either dipped datashewt the way to the body, contractually required or choose to ban the use of pure tin electroplated, fused or hot dipped altogether.


C – Copper oxygen free: Use of tin plating is prohibited as a finish and as an undercoat see 6. Having this capability datasheey part of the manufacturing process generates a risk that the non-tin plated parts could receive the wrong process. The Ferrite is not coated. Government see St, S2, and S3.

The case for these capacitors is multi- layer, unencapsulated, monolithic. AZ Prepared by: Letters H, D, R, or H 3. The atrande shall have a 2n7296 thickness of not less than 40 micro- inches of silver when tested in accordance with ASTM B Where large sizes are required, it is possible to assemble them from two or more smaller machined or pressed sections; the variety of sizes and shapes is Hmidess.

The type of insulation consists of a two digit 2h7269 The type will be defined 2n77269 the specificationsheet. DPA report shows a gold finish for both the package and the leads. The manufacturer may have a pure tin finish plating that is used on some product. Lead is supplied with no external finish. The thickness of the gold plating shall be 50 to microinches When specified, under-plating shall be in accordance with 5.

B – Gold plated 50 microinch minimum.