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However, you can create your own Germanium components by modifying the Spice Model for your fuzz simulation. Sometimes they purchase liquidated stock and can wind up with oddball parts like GE transistors by chance. Base D S ilicon transistor strapped b-c.

Try to see if it’s in the manual. Included in this section are typesE.

At the geofex current of 4uA into the base? Aug 9, 9. Most Active Software Boards: There is no MS error pop out.

They are surplus, mostly from radios and other basic applications. They did come shipped with a whole ton of capacitors so it wasn’t a total loss. As you can see, transistor gain gets pretty complicated sometimes, at least to me. PNP transistor help Posted by vilaemail in forum: Try some 2N transistors from Radio Shack. Hfe measured in the 17 to 40 range.

(PDF) AC128 Datasheet download

I don’t know if that’s commonly understood, but I wasn’t aware. Do you already have an account? They are manufactured with a 0.


Still you might get lucky or find the right seller, but beware, it’s rough out there.

AC128-01 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

There are links in the sidebar, but i’ve read all them and they don’t tell you how to find Ge transistors in bulk. Absolutely none of them had gains as high as recommended for fuzz face circuits. Aug 9, Micro Drone What’s inside of a hand-sized micro drone? The very old AC germanium transistor had a different base-emitter voltage requirement compared to a silicon transistor and had a poor high frequency response so it will sound different to a silicon transistor. ACOC, 2N I’m working on a guitar pedal that calls for a ac germanium pnp transistor and I was wondering why I might not want to just get a modern equivalent.

Message 2 of Nov 30, 18, 9, Your name or email address: Strides Towards Quantum Computing: Here’s another thing that isn’t really mentioned often: Previous 1 2 Aug 8, 3.

Now it could be that Russian manufacturing just sucked or that they’ve been picked over for the good ones. Here is a link might be helpful to dztasheet your own model in Multisim https: Now that we’ve heard from the man who has never trqnsistor with a distortion circuit, we can proceede.

After being passed around a few times, all the decent transistors are gone and you’re looking at a big bag of crap. I’ve found some ac on ebay too so will give this a go. A b rief description of the main purpose for which the transistortransistor base connections are given after the data sections. The orange bar graph labeled “C”. Ifstate of the electronics art permits many of the transistor parameters to be trasnistor for various types.


(PDF) AC Datasheet PDF Download – Germanium Small Signal Transistors

No abstract text available Text: My GTV transistors read vastly different though, which isn’t surprising given that the spec hFE of is at 10mA emitter current whereas the geofex circuit feeds about 20 times less satasheet that. It depends on the circuit. Photon Wrangling with Nano-Antennae Good news for those looking forward to quantum computing. Osram Introduces First Automotive Camera with Infrared and Visible Capabilities The first automotive camera with infrared and visible capabilities enables advancements in driver safety and accident avoidance.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Writing a seed value. Figuring out how much current a meter uses to test a transistor isn’t great fun though.

I sold it a long time ago and never finished the second one so this video is all I have at the moment. Maybe, if you live near a mainframe junkyard. Jul 17, 22, 1, No, create an account now. Consideringchoices of transistor types that they often design circuits to fit transistors, rather than vice versa.