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Tue Aug 28, am. Please, help me to find this andrei cosmovici psihologie scolara pdf converter. I’ll be really very grateful. 8 out. unjustified andrew psihologia minciunii scott peck scribd civilises his Palaeanthropic and psihologie scolara andrei cosmovici si luminita. Andrei cosmovici-psihologie-scolara. Alexandra Ciornohac. The AI Rush. Jean- Baptiste Dumont. AI and Machine Learning Demystified by.

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Newbury House Publishers, Inc. The second chapter deals with the psycho-pedogogical peculiarities of games and role-play. In the second group new words were introduced by several methods brainstorming, explanation, games. Andrei Cosmovici, Luminita Iacob. Cambridge University Press,p. The scientific method of the research is the experiment.

The students in both groups were of the same agenumber of the students in both groups is 15,and the level of the students’ knowledge in each pair of students was identical.


A practical manual for group facilitators. Here the experiment is described and a set of lessons is given.

All the methods in this or that way find the reflection in all the parts of the paper. The goal of the research was to study the peculiarities of using games and role-play as one of the methods of enriching students’ vocabulary in language classes. The necessary theoretical material was collected; the classification of games and role-play was carried out. The approach to the problem comprises the different methods such as analysis, synthesis, generalization and comparison.


Iasi, Policorm,p. The paper contains a lot of scholarly information about the investigated issue and includes a lot of examples selected from the books, literature. The paper discloses the main reason why games and role-play must be applied in the process of enriching students’ vocabulary. Simulation, gaming and language learning. It puts the stress on the fact that it is the most important to use games and role-play as a method of enriching students’ vocabulary at the English lesson.

Results showed that learning vocabulary through games and role-play are effctive and interesting. Simulation, gaming and language learning, New York: In the first group the new vocabulary was introduced without any explanations and additional information, only translation and the pictures were used.

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Two groups of students were formed: McGran Hill,P. Gloria, Cluj Napoca,psihhologie. In conclusions the author emphasis the psiholoogie that carried out the research. Identity, Culture, and Language Teaching. The third chapter contains the classification of games and an algorithm of applying role-play is given, the fourth chapter deals with the practical application of role-play and games in teaching English to different age group. Newbury House Publishers,P. It covers the problems of using games and role-play in the modern time, gives the notion what games and role-play is, and how it is formed, presents the various types of games and role-play, presents the classification of games and role-play.


II, Bucuresti,p.

Professor Dr. Dan POTOLEA, University of Bucharest, Romania

Schiop V, Psihhologie E. Approach through drama and ethnography. State University of Continuing Education 61 page The research in this Graduation Paper offers a careful study of games and role-play and the ways of using and applying them in process of teaching. The first chapter deals with the psycho – pedagogical peculiarities of the students of different age group primary, gymnasium, and lyceum.