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Luohan Quan or the Arhat Boxing originated from the Shaolin-style boxing. It has been called the hand tricks of Arhat, which consisted of 18 combating skills. Luohan (罗汉) is a term originating from Buddhism and is called Arhat (अर्हत) . Yongfu Luohan Quan (永福罗汉拳, Arhat Boxing from Yongfu, Fujian Province). Shaolin LuoHan (Arhat) Boxing [Geng Jun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully.

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Shaolin Luohan quan, forms videos. It comes from the plum blossom mantis boxing but because it uses hand wringing tricks in its routines, it came to be called hand-wringing mantis boxing. The Shanxi style is compact, delicate and yet forceful while the Henan style is powerful, vigorous and substantial. The original Luohan Quan was called the form Arhat boxing which was improved and developed through years of practice.

They added to these movements the skills of combat. It uses mind to guide the movements of the body and pays equal attention to both the mental and physical.

Shaolin Arhat Boxing The real chinese Traditional Shao Lin Kung fu Disc English Subtitles DVD

In this way he mastered the martial arts of different boxinh of boxing. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It fought both from distance and close-up with hard and soft blows characteristic of martial combats. Big Luohan quan is itself divided into 3 [13] smaller posture forms.

Luohan quan – Wikipedia

What is lesser known or correlated is the practice of the White Lotus groups that were sub Daoist, Buddhist and general Chinese culural religious faiths that believed in the coming of the Matreiya as well as placing many historical and religious figures into their reverance system. Its movements have a delicate symmetry and thus it is called twin mantis boxing. Free application of the Arhat boxing skills can be achieved through years of practice boxinh exercise.


Although Luohan Quan is a main feature in Shaolin Quan for more information visit our details hereits practice does not hold the symbollic practice as found in some of the styles of southeastern coast.

The style’s attributes are in line with those of the Zhejiang region with deep stances, direct powerful striking and use of tensile motions.

Liu Chengyou passed it on to his sister’s grandson Chen Zizheng who went to teach the art in northeast China, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The secret of this style of boxing is maintaining a clear mind while giving a drunken appearance.

Maestro Miao Xing had been called “Gold Arhat”. There is another Luohan’s 18 hands style which is different from the original Shaolin Luohan’s 18 hands but is more famous. As far as related to Shaolin temple martial arts, the names Luohan quan and Shaolin quan are often considered synonyms and therefore interchangeable.

Luohan’s 18 hands are considered the elementary forms in Shaolin kung fu. Even the emperor Qianlong was captured by such ideals. This year special discount. Ruohanmen boxing on flexible footwork, hit fast and hard, quasi. Luohan Quan is derived from the styles across Zhejiang, Fujian and Nanyang. Each not necessarily related as much as commonly inspired by the Luohan.

Write a customer review. When moving, the boxer attacks relentless and looks formidable, but when standing still, he looks like an eagle awaiting the chance to pounce on rabbits. This however is questionable given that Boddhidharma is of the Indian buddhism tradition and through the sheer concept of Ch’an Zen which he arat the associated founder, it would be peculiar to show reverance to Luohan especially all 18 of them when some had not yet been created then. The legend of Fuhu Luohan suggests that he was a monk living in a mountain that was sought by the local town people as a wild man eating tiger was terrarising them.


Mantis boxers move lightly, yet powerfully and their attacks are very strong with tricks that are delicately connected. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. Home Draakje Webstore Contact. December 1, Average Customer Review: The northern-style mantis boxing is said to have been created by Wang Lang of Jimo County in Shandong Province at the turn of the Ming and Arbat dynasties.

The methods are mostly done by the palms of the hands. Set up a giveaway. It is because of this that the Luohan are considered in high regard within Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. The White Lotus group of which the Ming Dynasty originated from was very big on the idea in the Qing dynasty. Hanging onto life striving for the attainment after many years boxong which remained were his long eyebrows. These characteristics of the mantis boxing are well known among Chinese martial artists.

Sometimes in traditions this are split into Xiao and Da Luohan first two and last two parts. The main means of septate, forced, Chong, flash, point, lift, pressure, hook, copy, throwing.

This are elaborated upon in the next section. Movements are direct and practical. These were subsequently identified in a Chinese work of art which obxing the number up to 16 and sixteen is the standard number in Tibet and Japan.

Drunkard boxers are required to be responsive with good eyesight and fist plays.