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This last book contains a passage, beginning of p. La Historia General de las Indias. The sua section contains information on the natural history and “marvellous things that are in the newly-discovered Indies,” in addition to particulars of the rites, ceremonies and customs of the Indians of the Canary Islands, New Spain, “Peru newly discovered,” Sto.

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Ca fon Doignamente en wforros ncipeo glo: Bound by Chambolle-Duru in full morocco, inside dentelles, g. Some of these are described by Harrisse, Sabin, Estreicher, and most fully by the Hungarian bibliographer Szabo. In ] the twentieth book, the first of the second part, was printed under the title: This map is reproduced by Nordenskj8ld, Facsimile Atlas, Plate Woodcut maps and numerous astronomical charts in text.


Slightly differing from the edition.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

Wittemberg, Peter Seitz, ; and N. They furnished De Bry with aztrologia of the most striking pictures. Letter from Father Nobrega, Pernambuco, Roman Letter, with beautiful woodcut initial letters.

If on the 9th day they wish to stay longer, they cannot leave before the 30th day, if not on the 30th, they remain till the th, if not gone by then they stay for ever. Dark olive green morocco, gilt sides and back, g. British Museum Catalogue of fifteenth century books, Vol.

C1 meno belos criadoo bela cafa real be t5. A magnificent copy in blue levant morocco, the sides covered with gold tooling to a floral pattern, doublure of maroon levant morocco elaborately tooled, vidass silk fly leaves, g.

It commences with the navigations of Alovise da Cadamosto in Ethiopia, etc.

Therefore, he himself, explains ‘beyond’ as meaning ‘almost beyond. He further describes how commerce with the Moluccas could be facilitated by way of the Magellan Strait. The cosmographical woodcuts include two globes depicting America.

passaadas It is therefore likely that this paragraph was purposely inserted into the printed oration to claim for Portugal the discoveries in contradistinction to Spain. Stultus hyperboreunim nffuram flecrir ad axeni: With the series of I3 woodcut maps, the folding map of the World shewing America. Agora nuevamente traduzido de Latin en lengua Castellana por el Bachiller H.

Gothic Letter; title within woodcut border; numerous woodcuts of figures and astrological signs; full-page figure, illustrating the various parts of the body ruled by the astrolofia and signs of the zodiac.

Though the number of victims was contested, it should be remarked that the acts of cruelty which he described were never called in question. An early edition of a very scarce and celebrated work on cosmography.


Conduit Street, London, W.

Decorative border to title, and diagrams in the text. Fine, large woodcut of a ship in full sail on title-page, and another on reverse. The knight reports in time and leaves the subterranean abode on the th day. The English Edition was translated by Richard Ieanne. Printer’s device on last page.

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astrologiq Not only is this-like all of Pacheco’s orations-an extremely rare publication, but it is said to be the first official report of the Avegy conquests in the Far East. George killing the Dragon, and fine woodcut initial letters. In our copy, the map type A is found in excellent and quite untouched condition. On the Western half we find the New World represented on the north as a long strip of land, bearing the inscription Terra de Cuba.

Printed in italics with side notes in the same. Of special interest is the full-page woodcut map of the world in which Florida, Mexico, the Amazon, Suaz and the city of Los Aztrologia Lima are specifically named. Winsor maintains that Thevet’s reputation for veracity was poor, especially among his contemporaries, and that it seems probable he never made the voyage along the American coast, of which he here pretends to give us an account.