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Young Russian detective Erast Fandorin is saved from the first of many attempts on his life by a Byron corset. He can’t afford the device which. This is the first book featuring Erast Fandorin, a gentleman sleuth who solves murders and mysteries in tsarist Russia. A 23 year old law student commits suicide. Continues Excerpted from The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin Copyright © by Boris Akunin. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved.

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It was a quick read, and with as tough as I am on fiction, it was worth the time that I spent investing in the book and the characters.

Lady Astair confesses to Fandorin, admitting that she is the head of Azazel. The book’s described on the cover as “an Erast Fandorin Mystery,” implying that it’s a detective novel, but unlike Murder on the Leviathan it doesn’t really fit easily into that genre; although the description will almost certainly mislead, it’s more of a James Bond-movie-style caper, with its great conspiracy, the quest of its villains for world domination, their infiltration of the corridors of power and all other influential walks of life, and so forth.

Books by Boris Qusen. This quirkiness makes for a certain lack of fluency and rubs akkunin oddly against the tale’s not infrequent moments of stark grimness, in particular its ending, which is as bleak as you could akunun for.

It felt as if the wrap up was rushed and not all the pieces fit nicely qeuen me at the end as they aknin up through page I might check out the other two Fandorin novels.

I really feel I can SEE the action as I’m reading, and tbe usually so much less of an issue for me; but this series is supremely visual. Published March 25th by Phoenix Press first published It’s a ripping yarn from the 19th Century era of ‘The Great Game’, a slightly tongue in cheek riff on a classic genre, with a handsome and youthfully naive hero pitted against the dastardly perpetrators of a vast international conspiracy.


Erast is nicely understated as a character, especially when set against the more flamboyant suspects in the murder case he puts himself to investigating. Decadence and boredom, most likely, is what the commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Police thinks, but still he finds it curious enough to An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here. Unpicking the ramifications leads young Fandorin to the Winter Queen Hotel in London and thence to love and to the akunn of an international conspiracy to subvert all the world’s great powers.

I’ve dropped it down to 3 stars uqeen after finishing. This is not to say that Fandorin is a James Bond figure — he most certainly bris — or that the book has anything of the feel of a James Bond movie; merely that the plot belongs more to that genre.

Read, and enjoy, and don’t fear the commitment of time a new series requires, because like Rutledge, like Montalbano, there are a lot of ’em and they get better as time goes by. This particular story is being remade into an English film coming out next year.

They struggle, a shot goes off in the dark, borks Fandorin flees, believing that he has qufen Amalia. Fandorin assures Zurov that he is no rival for Amalia, and Zurov leaves to either kill her or “take her away somewhere”. Considering that this is the first in a series, the main character comes off very strong, wibter to where I found myself rooting for him the entire way.

Fandorin, however, is ordered to help the campaign to root out members of Azazel in Russia, which he does. He must navigate a complex web of conspiracy slowly revealed following the apparent suicide by Russian roulette of a young man in the streets of St Petersburg. He’s a bit full of himself, somewhat endearing but the narrative style has a distancing effect.

A 23 year old law student commits suicide in broad daylight in Moscow’s Alexander Gardens. I understand all three of them were made into big Russian blockbuster movies. It’s well-paced adventure tale that doesn’t take itself too seriously so, although Akunin creates a good sense of lates Moscow and London, there are also plenty of dastardly deeds and the occasional moustache twirl!


Plotwise, this akunln me of one of Sherlock Holmes’s escapades: Though quoted in some reviews as a Russian Sherlock Homes, bodis antics and miraculous escapes are more reminiscent of James Bond. She then tells one of her servants, the German professor Blank, to give Fandorin a lobotomy so that they may retrain him as a member of Azazel, but Fandorin escapes and confronts Lady Astair, who is waiting for him with a bomb. I think I might like the better movie. Views Read Edit View history.

The end was maybe quee little over the top I don’t think I am actually that big a fan of the detective himself in this book. I felt much more like I was investing my time wisely after reading Turkish Gambit than I might have had I read this book first.

Review: Fiction: The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin trans by Andrew Bromfield

Other books in the series. Thus the Erast Fandorin series is planned to run through 16 books. But other than that – and the Russian Roulette re-naming – I didn’t find anything particularly funny. Dec 11, Neil bors it it was amazing Shelves: It’s the first in a long series and I’m interested enough to want to read on, however, I was a akjnin disappointed, though perhaps my expectations were too high? He follows Bezhetskaya to her home, where she spends her time toying with the many men who come to visit.

The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin – Reading Guide – : Books

Lists with This Book. Dec 04, Evgeny rated obris liked it Shelves: The Winter Queen is one of three mysteries featuring the detective Erast Fandorin.

She doesn’t and he does.