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I will get back to it later. Split some of the cedar logs I cut up the other day. Nothing but a piece of molding with some drilled holes.

Also, for the euchalyptus tree, or what is left of it, I made a wire support to hold it up straighter. I tried to remove the leg but it did not come off easily and rather than increase the damage, I just removed the nail so that I could inject glue down autotols hole. Cut out forms to shape the ribs.

Less Recent Projects – Jamcleat

I then used this as a pattern for the real keel. He sees what you do. I will blame it on the drought and the winter. I also sanded on a project and varnished the inside of it.


They will eventually hold pictures.

Got all of the grass done at about an hour per patch with two sprinklers running. I suppose the cats do too. Took the car to Thomas. Or maybe the dust and the overload from the sander. I glue them back together. And road tops water. I have fixed that problem now.

Emacs Online Documentation

These begin to fall when the leaves change color and continue to fall until the following spring. The American Girl dolls which caclnote to my daughter have always had a little decorated table with miniature food and drink at Christmas time. Overheated it while annealing it. When I was sweeping up after doing the front, I chucked the mole.

We had some conversation which confirmed by diagnosis, he looked up the part on the computer, said it was in stock. It seems that I spent the whole day driving though.

It went pretty well. Want to discuss the results with Phillip. It apparently went bad when the power failed during the ice storm. Better to get it the right size on the first pass.


This had been damaged a while back. But when the rod was taken down for refurbishing, the brackets came loose. Take those thick pieces off first.

Grab the next piece. Built a cart to hold boxes of photographs. Cut out the molds and stem and stern parts. A very nice program of Christmas music.

[ceph-commit] branch wip-jd-testing updated. v10.0.3-2624-gdf831a4

When I got home autotols work I tired to get at it with the chain saw but it got dark too soon. That is only partially true. The predicted hurricane seems to be delayed. Update development environment for GLUT, gcc, glade, etc. Sand selected slabs lightly with 80 grit on the belt sander. Again I bound the halves with string.