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Mary Law,Sue Baptiste, Anne Carswell,. Mary Ann McColl,Helene Polatajko, Nancy Pollock. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) is an. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) is a measurement tool that assists therapists in using a family-centred approach to service delivery. This paper describes the development of an outcome measure, The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), which is designed to be used with .

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Agreement was reached by discussion between the authors, and the third author was consulted if unresolved disagreements occurred. Thus, canadia a rehabilitation process with a COPM interview might help the client begin to come to terms with life.

It seemed that therapy was influenced by the environmental conditions of the respective institutions and that this could lead to differences in expectations between clients and OTs [ 1192836 ]. It gives you an individual benchmark to gauge the effectiveness of your services and your staff. Despite rigorous measures, such as using two reviewers for all sources, this study has limitations that are inherent to scoping reviews in general, such as the synthesis of both published and unpublished studies and qualitative and quantitative research to balance broadness and depth.

Given the lifespan approach and an emphasis perfofmance screening and assessment, the challenge was finding the opportunity for readministration.

Another study showed that clients experienced inadequate rehabilitation that did not emphasize their individual and emotional needs [ 8 ].

The abovementioned keywords were also used to search for unpublished occupatioonal on interventions of interest in SwePub and NORA. Enhancing Client Outcomes in Health Reform: Multidisciplinary health care teams have also used the COPM extensively as an initial client-centred assessment. After a careful examination of the reference lists of the eight studies, four studies were added.


The Canadian occupational performance measure: an outcome measure for occupational therapy.

The COPM measures the problems in daily living — how your clients perceive their functional performance. Subscribe to view more.

After the titles and abstracts were screened, 22 studies remained for full-text readings. The COPM is intended for use performnce an outcome measure, and as such, should be administered at the beginning of services, and again at appropriate intervals thereafter, as determined by the client and therapist.

The Canadian occupational performance measure: an outcome measure for occupational therapy.

Learn how the COPM can help your business. A systematic review revealed five thematic conceptual elements that should be addressed when working with CCP, namely, power, listening and communicating, partnership, choice, and hope [ 6 ]. The COPM consists of the following five steps and three scores: Control by Value for the Patient, http: Davies, Philadelphia, 4th edition, From Periphery to Player: The therapist then uses these scores to calculate the performance and satisfaction change scores.

The authors compared the codes to identify differences and similarities and sorted the codes into themes and subthemes related to the research question. The therapist enters the chosen problems and their importance ratings in the scoring section.

Occupational Therapy International

She gained her experiences in community clinics as well as hospital-based units. The included studies were read independently to obtain a general sense of the entire pool of included studies.

A total of COPMs were initially administered. Similar discrepancies between therapists and clients have been seen in other studies, for example, in stroke rehabilitation [ 1543 ]. Given that the aim of the COPM interview is not only to identify, prioritize, and score the OPPs but also cpm enhance CCP, it seems important to evaluate whether the latter aim is actually fulfilled.


The contents of each study, including their aims, methods, samples, and settings, are summarized in Table 1. With the COPM, your staff and your clients are speaking the same language — one that both can understand.

University of Birmingham, Environmental factors affected the possibility of conducting a COPM interview as the OTs were reluctant to perform a COPM interview if the focus was on physical functions, that is, in settings where a medical paradigm was dominant [ 1519 — 21 ].

However, to use the COPM interview to enhance CCP, professional communication skills, power sharing, and an institutional commitment are required. Enemark Larsen and G.

Enhancing a Client-Centred Practice with the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure

In occupational therapy OTCCP has always been ocupational integrated value and a fundamental element [ 12 ]. Anne Carswell has been a committed and passionate occupational therapist for 50 years. Have an existing account?

This illustrated a contradiction of paradigms, for example, the peerformance biomedical model, with the therapist as the expert, versus the occupational model of the COPM, the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance the CMOPin which the client is considered the expert [ 1216 ].

Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.