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REV. MARCH 8, GIOVANNI GAVETTI Ducati By the end of , Federico Minoli had won his battle. Over the past five years. Ducati Case Study – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), i Gavetti,. Giovanni. Ducati Motor Holding S.P.A. Boston: Harvard Business. Under the supervision of Giovanni Gavetti: “The Minerva Project. “Ducati.” Harvard Business School Teaching Note () [11]. Ducati: Federico .

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As a consequence, most of them had a highly flexible, streamlined production structure.

From Motorcycle Mechanic to MBA

Despite this success, Minoli was concerned with the future of the company. Husky and Ducati Professor of Business Administration Harvard University. For Josh, who had a difficult childhood as the son of a single mother, motorcycles were a guiding light that kept him off the streets and out of trouble. The roof of the factory was broken. In the average U.

Tuck School of Business | From Motorcycle Mechanic to MBA

Action and Cognition Over Time. In most cases, their retail networks were composed of multi-franchise dealers—dealers selling motorcycles of multiple brands—whose role was to sell the bike and provide adequate technical assistance. Init achieved its fifteenth consecutive year of record revenue and net income, increasing the former by About Tuck News features the latest stories about business research conducted by faculty members and business practitioners at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Experience the world instead of talking about experiencing the world 2: Inthe racing division spent approximately 3. It typically identified at least two sources of supply for each component, and switched to the alternative supplier as the need arose. At Triumph, for instance, yellow sheets stood out on bulletin boards everywhere, exhorting workers to write down ideas and suggestions that would increase efficiency and quality. Ducati also engaged in a number of co-marketing initiatives with different major international brands: For instance, in Italy the number of dealers decreased from in to 65 in The third line of products included t-shirts, caps and memorabilia.

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Directories Courses Discussion Groups. For instance, the lifespan of the engine was typically 10 years, and the frame at least 5 years. Its motorcycle division celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in Here’s hoping that the new Ducati Hypermotard concept above makes it to market.

Finally, the Internet creates a community. Favorite Posts A million reasons why I remember spending full nights discussing the meaning of revolution, of Marxism.

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Transformation in the New Millennium. Global Leadership Next Step.

Toward a Grounded Theory of the Origins of Strategies. Not only did we have a wide variety of Ducati motorcycles on display for the class, we also had the pleasure of having Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock provide us with his thoughts and insights about the process of creating and celebrating meaning.

If it is true that we do a lot of e-commerce— apart from limited edition motorcycles, we sell parts and accessories. Buell competed in the Sport segment. His research explores the cognitive foundations of strategy. Firms using the latter strategy appeared to view their stores as a way to control prices and brand positioning by allowing direct communication with customers.


With the exception of a small number of longterm supply contracts for components, Ducati had only short-term contracts with its suppliers. Ducati Owners Clubs Ducati estimated the presence of more than Ducati Clubs around the world, typically started by individual owners.

Leading motorcycle firms throughout the world also implemented Japanese manufacturing techniques, including Just-in-Time and Materials as Needed production in order to respond more readily to market fluctuations, optimize production levels, and improve quality. The starting point for the discussion is a Harvard Business Ducagi case by Giovanni Gavetti which asks the question “to cruise, or not to cruise?

Grok the gestalt of teams The gavettti phase consisted of taking control of distribution and marketing in ducatti markets by establishing totally owned sales and marketing subsidiaries. But Minoli was not satisfied: Touring bikes were larger motorcycles equipped for longer rides and greater comfort. Market research provided a fundamental input to both design and technological innovation. Company data 18 This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, in the course: Best known for its motorcycles, which accounted for almost half of its sales, Yamaha Motor also made water vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, leisure and fishing boats, snowmobiles, and golf carts.

Company document 21 This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, in the course: