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This building, located in Utrecht, Netherlands was designed by OMA – Rem Koolhaas. The building was completed in Situated in the centre of the University Campus the Uithof, just outside the centre of Utrecht, this building is most famous for its use of concrete. The concrete. Koolhaas and the team at OMA envisioned the Educatorium as a factory for learning with the processes of socialization, learning, and examination related.

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Defying conventional Cartesian geometry, this wave of concrete is the main device Educatorium organization that encompasses classrooms. Il nostro sito web utilizza i cookie per assicurarti la migliore esperienza di navigazione. The two architects have done a building that wants to reduce energy consumption and emission of carbon dioxide, and to provide good indoor thermal and visual conditions through control of natural lighting and koolhaaas conditioning.

Hillel House at Drexel University, Philadelphia. The Educatorium reads like a radically innovative building on its most edjcatorium level, a synthetic landscape, with a conservative depth.

Circulation in the Educatorium is organized around a cross formed by two runners, subdividing each floor into quadrants that function as primary connectors. Floornature is an international design and architecture portal with a focus on contemporary architecture, exclusive interviews with great masters of international architecture and the most interesting new developments in koolhass world of architecture.

kooohaas The starting point of the design are two leaves that fold and interlock. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


Covering the resulting gap between two solid walls, the dense structure of the roof is made of a series of I-beams which create a steel surface. The word was a made up name Educatorium intended to connote a learning center, and a place to promote higher education.

Educatorium The Educatorium is composed of two planes which fold to accommodate a range of distinct programs, including an outdoor plaza, two lecture halls, cafeteria and exam halls. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: One of the most unique aspects of Educatorium, which can be attributed to almost all the work of Koolhaas, is the fluidity in the concept of the program is a fluid concept that aligns not on one level, but on a multiplicity of levels in which the activity occurs above, below, and in the midst of what normal floor plates are considered.

Another interesting feature is the egg-shaped cabin used for audiovisual pass. These facilities house shared activities of 14 faculties and many research institutes, creating a major new center for meeting and exchange.

The spatial structure is designed to act primarily as a network in which individuals, ie, students are free to discover their own access and navigate through the building. About Contact us Newsletter. The exam rooms are developed in a more conventional manner.

These columns create a hybrid network together with the sloping ground, the lower end up hiding in the floor slab. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I got to awesome work with 3 other students studying interior architecture, urban design, and environment design. Email required Address never made public. GlassCement. Two curving walls enclose the room, one solid, one of glass.


OMA – Rem Koolhaas, Utrecht, Educatorium

Notify me of new comments via email. The planes are interwoven to create a unique experience in which the whole college experience, socialization, learning, exploration, encapsulated. In the study rooms, the lighting system is the ideal natural result of the use of windows for low vision and high windows for lighting.

It occupies a corner site on the edge of the field. Indeed, classrooms, lounges, meeting rooms and general areas are located so trading floor plates Educatorium rising from the ground floor along the rest of the building. Educatorium design conceptualized as two planes that are folded, protects, and blocking each other.


The column lines are denser in the south and almost disappear northwards towards the landscape. Understood as the encapsulation of the entire university experience in one building, Koolhaas and OMA team Educatorium conceptualized as a factory for learning in both the traditional formalistic approach as for the casual student or student exchanges. Amerigo Vespucci Klolhaas in Civitavecchia.

A concept that is associated with two pieces of paper that are folded and connected together, creating an internal and external level at a time.