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Gregory of Tours (30 November c. – 17 November ) was a Gallo-Roman historian and He is the primary contemporary source for Merovingian history. His most notable work was his Decem Libri Historiarum (Ten Books of Histories), . Gregory of Tours|Georgius Florentius Gregorius, better known to posterity as Gregory, Bishop of Tours, was born about to a highly distinguished. Clovis, Gregory of Tours, and Pro-Merovingian Propaganda. Yitzhak Hen. In the second book of the Libri Historiarum, Gregory of Tours introduces Clovis, his.

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Now this people seems to have always been addicted to heathen worship, and they did not know God, but made themselves images of the woods and the waters, of birds and beasts and of the other elements as well. The volume is completed by numerous study aids such as genealogies, high-quality maps, and a list of the civitates of Gaul.

As an institution it was not grounded in the superstitious past, and the cold hostility of the bishops kept it from the development usual in a benighted society.

The priest Jerome continues it from the twenty-first year of Constantine’s reign. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Martin will be enlightening. And if he refuses, then do whatever pleases you.

Thus Gregory’s writings contain only scanty and almost un- detectable traces of this pro-Merovingian propaganda, which tous be attributed to earlier and unknown sources. After the death of the blessed Martin, bishop of Tours, a very great and incomparable man, whose miracles fill great volumes in our possession, Bricius succeeded to the bishopric. Tourx enjoined posterity to treat his works, especially the [End Page ] Historyin a unified way and not abridge or edit them. If they believed in the creed they had the right “medicine”; if they did not, they had not.


But God does not any longer allow us to be polluted by kissing your unworthy hands.

Gregory of Tours – Wikipedia

How could he find it necessary to preface his history, as no other historian has done, with an exact statement of his creed? The Historia Francorum is of salient historical interest, representing as it does the central narrative with respect to the Franks for the period of transition from Roman to Medieval, and the establishment of the large and important Frankish state.

It is of interest to note also what had happened to the secular professions of medicine and law. Theodobert is betrothed to Visigard. This, however, cannot be so. The earlier part of the work does not stand as it was first written; Gregory revised it and added emrovingians number of chapters. He sent messengers to king Clovis to tell about his father’s death, and to say: The book Joshua clearly indicates that Adam was buried in the land of Enacim, which before was called Hebron.

Medieval Sourcebook: Gregory of Tours: History of the Franks

In the first letter, Remigius St. Nicetius of Trierthough, which dominates this book; his great authority and sense of episcopal responsibility which is the focus of Gregory’s account as his figure, predestined to be great, bestrides the lives of the others. Please try again later. At that time Cornelius brought fame to Rome by his happy death, and Cyprian to Carthage.

When this prayer also was finished they looked from the wall a third time at the old man’s command, and saw afar off a cloud as it were arising from the earth. The historian Eusebius comes down to this period in his chronicle.


Clovis is represented as heeding this necessity more than any other Frankish king. Clovis heard that Sigibert and his son had been slain, and came to the place and summoned all the people, saying: A fearful thunderstorm threatened the party, but Gregory “drew the beloved relics from his breast and lifted them up against the cloud, which at once separated into two parts and passed on the right and left, and after that did no harm to them or any one else.

When Odoacer came to Angers, king Childeric came on the following day, and gregor count Paul, and took the city.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Death of the monk Antony. However although Gregory was relating history mainly contemporaneous or recent, we must allow largely for error and prejudice in his statements of fact.

A bishop being “suspected by grfgory Goths ” is carried a captive into Spain. From this city the king set out in pursuit of the Hebrews with armies of chariots and a great infantry force.

Gregory of Tours; the Merovingians.

He was no theologian. Many of Brehaut’s opinions and prejudices would not be upheld by modern historians. The events which it bregory are details of the perishing of the Roman Empire and the beginning of a great modern state and for these events it is often the sole authority.