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Well, dont wanna brag, but it seems a lot of guys here havent read or even heard about gunwitch method. I wrote this thing up a few years back. This is a simple, direct and potentially very effective game method. Gunwitch Gun A Bitch Edition – Make The Ho Say “Noooooooo!”. I think is intresting, because is so Natural Game, of course a lot of what Gunwitch says is BS, but here i have put what i found intresting, i just.

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Since touch is the first step in getting her comfortable with you as a sexual creature, you want to sneak this in slowly. At the same time he changed his original Twitter handle from Gunwitch to witching Of course, as of late, more and more women are admitting their desire for sex and acting on it more casually.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Since biblical times, women have been conditioned by society that this is wrong though. Projection of sexual states for her to then follow the authority frame from.

Not really a part of sexual state itself, but an obstacle to it sometimes and dealing with it. Tue Apr 22, 8: Always either get either a methodd, or a rejection.

If you want and desire new, exciting, frequent sexual experiences with different fresh women then read on. Quickly notice her state before you approach, is she UP, kinda down, or laughing a lot?

And she’ll still sleep with you?

Lost Master Don Juan Jan 31, This is the best verbal technique I’ve come across yet. I finally got down to a leaner, muscular lbs. The assumption is that in order to attract a woman, you yourself have to be giving off a sexual vibe – and allowing yourself to feel it instead of repressing it.


Davey A New Member Jan 26, Didn’t think so, unless it was to PAY him for something. You might be asking yourself, “Well, Chief, wouldn’t a supermodel respond more favorably to a confident and centered man using an indirect approach than the same type of man using a direct approach? Maybe give you ultimate success with women maybe save you from reading any further and wasting your time. I personally think it’s absolutely atrocious and retarded, for lack of a better word.

Is bassed in the idea os “sexual-sate” that means that if your reality is that yo have had sex with she and you will do it again, you just talk like sex partners, you talk horny, and then she will enter in your reality. You love to breath right? These types of things are strong indicators.

Of course good breath is a crucial at this point. Mon Apr 21, No one ever killed themselves over losing a sex partner until someone decided co-dependant relationships were some mystical bond that must hurt when severed then told and wrote about it. You should NOT look at you hands as you touch her, as this alerts her to a “question” – “is it ok to bunwitch there?

Gunwitch (Allen Reyes)

I think the basic message to all of this is a simple one that has been said here again and again – be confident, know what you want, and go get it. What follows of more of a troubleshooting guide. Gunwitch was often at the heart of a lot of contention and controversy.


In fact, his ebook is not even for sale anymore. ALWAYS do this as soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will go into when seeing a kethod will be one of —sexual- state, rather than panic or fear of meeting her. I cannot make any sense of this guy’s incomprehensable bullshit. That’s what I like to see Gunwitch!!!

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

This will curb her excited state slightly enough for her to begin recognizing your sexual state. There is a certain “walks like a duck acts like a duck, must be a duck” dynamic working for you in the sexual state. Good thing I already paraphrased this from your sight and I read it every night before I go to sleep. Didn’t he shoot a girl in the face with a shotgun? Imagine being alone in a room, mfthod an ugly or mediocre woman.

Just my thoughts on how mfthod stay happy when it comes to love and relationships, tested, used, and approved by me, myself and I. A good progression is: A method of pickupdeveloped by Gunwitch, that ignores indirect game and focuses on accepting the fact that women want sex as much as men, then getting women into a sexual state through non-verbal communication.

Exabot [Bot] gunwithc 1 guest. It is more of a general guideline for how to approach pickup.