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IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System graphical it may still be preferable to manually editing the menu configuration file. This manual page documents briefly the IceWM window manager and programs around it. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The IceWM window options configuration file is used to configure settings for individual Full details for this file are explained in the “IceWM Manual”.

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IceWM Guide | Celettu’s Weblog

Setup and use is not obvious, so be sure to check the Irssi documentation. If you hate the brown look, you can of course make it look different.

If you want you can add xscreensaver from synaptic, or of course the CLI. Intuitive interface makes it easy to use.

The most important files in this directory are keys, menu, preferences, toolbar and winoptions. June 6, at OnTop 6 Above the default layer. This was the perfect guide for setting up some of the basic tweaks that I so desperately wanted, thanks a ton! What if a file is compressed in some format such as tar, etc?


icewm(1) – Linux man page

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To change that, find this one:. Here you can adjust Taskbar, Applets, Workspaces, and Windows. There are some nice themes available on box-look. Below 2 Below the default layer.

Icedm latest iceWM in the Hardy repos is 1. The easiest method is to just treat it as a storage device by using a USB card reader. Gdm seems a bit heavy for an IceWM system, so why not use Slim? Choose under Hardware interfaces either your wired or wireless connection, click on your choice and you can then configure that choice, it is an intuitive application.

This is where I got my inspiration: This one is more interesting.

IceWM: Preferences

Change to a hr clock: Another thing is that a WM, unlike a DE, needs you to login as root before you can shutdown or reboot the system. FWIW, here is my configuration:. Keys As you may suspect, this is where your keyboard shortcuts go. Msnual 4 Default layer for windows. Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Math. June 5, at It opens to your home directory, idewm you can change the view to include hidden system files by clicking on the eye icon up on the menu bar.


I appreciate the work you put into your webpage. Icewmbg IceWM actually has background support, but it has to be configure manually.

Other icon themes are available at gnome-look. Thank you and happy new year. Basic Operation [ top ]. Alternatively, use the lock option in Exit. This step-by-step guide will assume you have Ubuntu installed.

This is a simple example: Mankal normal default for all options is enabled 1 unless overridden by the application. The following options are defined: The application is AlsaMixer and it is pretty evident how to use it. The syntax of the lines here is:.

All lines are commented out by default, so if you change one, make sure to uncomment them. Finally elinks is a text mode browser.

There are some examples in the file.