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This document describes the most commonly used elements of a JNLP file. For a complete description of the format, refer to the specification. The JNLP file is an. JSR – Java™ Network Launching Protocol and API Specification v 1 Java(TM) Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) Specification. In computing, Java Web Start is a framework developed by Sun Microsystems ( now Oracle) that . jnlp spec=”+” codebase=”” href=””> Launch applet with Web Start Foo Bar.

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For example, an os attribute value of “Windows” matches both “Windows Vista” and “Windows 7” operating systems.

The shortcut element can specificatino used to indicate an application’s preferences for desktop integration. Gilbert Le Blanc 38k 5 47 A specification of protocols and APIs that will enable Java applications to be deployed on the web.

An indicator as to the type of description. And if an update is found, the new application will be downloaded and launched.

The application is responsible for doing the actual call to System. After having introduced a little taste of the JNLP syntax, you turn to its general mechanism.

JNLP File Syntax

The jar and nativelib elements also allow a resource to be specified as lazy. The root element is jnlpwhich has four subelements: The main-class attribute is used instead of the code attribute. The browser helper application will include OS dependent C language code for spawning a Java VM process and for very limited communication with the spawned process. If the value is “true” the application prefers to be considered installed. Sun designed most of these services with the aim of allowing carefully controlled access to resources such as files and the system clipboard while restricting the application to authorized operations.


Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. A value of “timeout” default means to check for updates until timeout before launching the application.

Who will configure the JVM to launch your application this way? The name of the class containing the implementation of DownloadServiceListener, that may be used to indicate download progress. This is similar to but not limited to what is provided for Java Applets, e.

It can have one of the following values:. Indicates if this jar contains the class containing the main method of the application.

The application element has an optional attribute, main-classwhich can be used to specify the name of the application’s main class, i. It can contain any of the following two sub-elements: You can set up the whole mechanism with little trouble for the end user.

Java Network Launch Protocol

Optional width and height attributes can be used to indicate the size of the images. The capability of using platform-dependent facilities such as shortcuts, accelerators, and the like.


The package and extension elements are not discussed in this developer’s guide. Can be used to indicate an application’s preference for putting a shortcut on the users desktop. The application, however, can be run offline. Incremental updates are obtained using the JARDiff format. The shortcut element can contain the optional online attribute, and the two optional sub-elements, desktop and menu.

JNLP files include information such as the location of the jar package file and the name of the main class for the application, in addition to any other parameters for the speciifcation. How to specify a JRE range in jnlp file? For example, you could use multiple resources definitions, with different os attributes, to supply a native library for multiple operating systems. A secure deployment solution.