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Sounds like you’re doing a three-way merge, so A should be the base revision that B and C are based on, B is theirs and C is yours (I believe; B and C might be . 2-min tutorial to do it the quick-and-dirty-way; Concepts for resolving Git conflicts refer to vimdiff if you still use the keyboard commands for GVim. kdiff3 · meld. git documentation: Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool. Not affiliated with Stack Overflow. Rip Tutorial: [email protected] · Roadmap · Tweet · Download eBook.

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For 3-way merge it can show both the 2 parent versions and their common ancestor side-by-side in top panes and the editable merge result in the bottom pane. Sounds like you’re doing a three-way mergeso A should be the base revision that B and C are based on, B is theirs and C is yours I believe; B and C might be the opposite, though.

Well, consider a case where you and another developer make conflicting changes to the same code. Sign tutoriial using Facebook.

If history sorting isn’t required then the history entry start line regular expression could look like this. If you want to decide every single delta yourself, you can “Set deltas to conflicts”. The version control system Subversion.

Home Skip to content Skip to navigation. Because solving conflicts line by line would take very long, the lines are grouped into groups that have the same difference and conflict characteristics.

The program is invoked as follows:. Assume a history kdiff33 looks like this: Why am I given three choices when merging between my code and someone else’s? These lines form one history-entry. For conflicts it shows a questionmark “? Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


When at any line only either input B or input C have changed but not both then the changed source will automatically be selected. KDiff3 last edited For example if you want that the lines from “B” appear before the tutoeial from “A” in the output, first click “B”, then “A”.

For more information also see Merge Settings. I still don’t understand, can you elaborate turorial more?

Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool

Most VCS insert an empty line after each history entry. If a history entry appeared several times in the history of a input file, only one entry will remain in the output. The merge output editor window below the diff input windows also has an info line at the top showing “Output: If you want to view some file in your favorite editor e.

You could diff your file with the other developer’s, resolve conflicts, and then diff it with the original, but a three-way diff performs the same function in fewer steps. KDiff3 can be used with kdiff3. The just-insert-all-entries-method is easier to configure. All other modified or added files are in the same directory, so you can just navigate to them from your editor instead of selecting them in kdiff3 and repeating cut-and-paste.

Because comment characters can differ in each file e. Stashed changes are not applied during the merge. With the arrows in the upper part, you may move among the different conflicts in this case, there is only kdiiff3.


Conflict resolution with kdiff3

During the check-in the version control system VCS changes these lines. Automatic merge for version control history also called “log” is also supported.

It is often helpful directly edit the merge output. If you have to select the same source for most conflicts, then you can choose “A”, “B” or “C” everywhere, or only for the remaining unsolved conflicts, or for unsolved white space conflicts. It shows the letter of the input from which a line was selected or nothing if all three jdiff3 where equal on a line.

If I did git rebasemy observation was that: But if we want to sort by date and time, we need to construct a key with the elements in a different order of appearance: Shouldn’t there just kciff3 my code, the other person’s code, and the output below?

Merging And The Merge Output Editor Window

What is the base revision about? Note that KDiff3 will remove duplicate history entrys. It is GPL and runs on “all” platforms. Issues Will try to merge binaries if you tell it to – so configure your merge-tools properly or choose “whole file” as a workaround Doesn’t look fancy Qt and KDE dependencies Doesn’t do a good job of handling UTF and encodings on windows.

But only-white-space-conflicts are separated from non-white-space-conflicts in order to ease the merging of files were the indentation changed for many lines.