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KTA KTA Page 4 Comments by the editor: Taking into account. Buy KTA Design Of Lifting Equipment In Nuclear Power Plants from SAI Global. and Transportation Equipment for Heavy Loads, Radioactive Waste and Materials in Accordance with German Nuclear Standards KTA , and

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You work in Mechanical Engineering team. Norbert Schilling explained the present situation for applicable German KTA-standards see a special interview.

English-German Dictionary

For all of you who were not able to attend the seminar, we have compiled a brief summary of the lectures and speeches. The night of the Vikings. Some of the most impressive units are containerized to allow fast transport anywhere in of the world.

Siguren has identified the frictional brake as the main safety component on the hoist. The crane operation takes place either via cabin control or remote kkta. The new safety device contains an endless screw rotated by the motor and controlled by the signals delivered by the hoist motor. Norbert Schilling and Uwe Fischlein enhanced the importance of safe lifting for ka kinds of loads, not only heavy ones, at nuclear power plants.

Review and ktx of cranes and lifting equipment design documentation and analyses Review and approval of technical specifications for cranes and lifting equipment Participation in supplier evaluation and technical assessment audits Co-operation with Safety Authorities The ideal candidate has: He also referred to a similar network in another country, but that network was reactively created following a big disaster. The e-control plant is accommodated in a passable air-conditioned bridge girder or in the ,ta beam.

These crane units serve to assemble the turbines and later on for the inspection and repair work in the machinery house of a power station.

The crane can be controlled from the cabin, ground control or via remote control. Kika Cranes use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Surprisingly enough the water proved to jta bitterly salt — reminiscence from the stone age Littorina Sea, which preceded the present Baltic Sea. Stromag has developed a questionnaire which helps to select the correct brake equipment regarding safety factors and dimensions.


Inspecta Sweden AB is a Nordic group offering testing, inspection and certification services. Adding a plastic layer between the core and the outer strands is one solution.

Chernobyl and the year are a part of our modern history. Fennovoima is a flexible and international community where you can make your mark with your work. The crane control generally takes place on the reactor level by means of a mobile control console or via remote control.

The company is a part of the French Reel group. A single drive kat can still allow safe lowering mta set-down of hoist load providing that there is a redundancy system for the rope reeving system with wire ropes and pulleys. The operations include fuel recycling, fuel manufacture and waste management.

The rest of the evening is history and can best be recalled by looking at the photos…. KIKA was founded in to improve the contacts between professional crane users in the Swedish nuclear industry. In addition this measure also decreases friction between the rope and the sheave, which also causes less twisting.

The e-control plant is located either on the trolley itself or in an e-container at the bottom between the concrete legs on the reactor side. However, the breaks must not be concentrated into one single point. Crane and Lifting Equipment Engineer Mechanical As a Crane and Lifting Equipment Engineer you are responsible for implementing the technical requirements and analyses of cranes and lifting equipment.

The aim was to develop training methods and in house inspection procedures and to build up contacts with product manufacturers regarding inter alia technical requirements.

The wars were interrupted by short periods of peace until the southern landscapes of the Scandinavian peninsula finally became a part of the royal Swedish kingdom in the 17th century. The staff of Konecranes was able to train and simulate the various steps of the assembly 9302 and the communication between all related parties was much easier and more efficient.


State-of-the-art visualisation solutions are standard with us. Danes and Swedes fought for years for this part of the world.

Reactor Building Cranes – NKM NOELL

The limit of tolerating unacceptable contamination outside the site is per reactor, per year. Ktta quality of the friction welded 9302 is inspected by NDT methods. After years under water the piece was almost in mint condition. The largest cranes are the turbine hall main crane t and the polar crane safety classedt.

Corrosion is another problem that can be solved by using galvanized wires or by relubricating the rope wires. This gives a reliability criterion of a few per crane, per year for an accident involving release of radioactive material limited to site borders.

Stromag has developed so-called negative brakes, which are fail-safe in case of power failure. There will be 48 main cranes and elevators and other small lifting devices in the new plant.

Industries Aluminum Nuclear Industries Aerospace. Enhanced safety design means redundant mechanical load paths on the hoist, supervisory controls that independently monitor basic crane operations and a control system providing automatic safety shutdown.

The consortium responsible for the project has specified a number of special tools, crane manipulators, carrier arms, jaw crushers, drills, dust collection systems and special tension trusses. A living proof of the durability of copper alloys was exposed outside the laboratory, a bronze cannon from the Royal HMS Kronan, which sunk in outside the Swedish coast.