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This script creates a new, blank Lotus worksheet object in the Description field of the current document. LotusWorkbook must be in the OLE. Hi This is a known issue but if you get it the first time it may confuse you. Lotus script function CreateObject() does not work in NotesAgent if it. Unfortunately CreateObject returns error Cannot Create Automation Does anyone know whether there is any LotusScript equivalent?.

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This defines a variable, bTestVariable with name decoration as Boolean. You can write a subroutine to handle the task of printing the size of files in kilobytes. That way, when you read code that has a constant in it, the constant value stands out clearly.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

For example, let’s say that your business user has decided that its users should never select more than 3 storerooms out of the 10 that are available to fill the requisition.

The old saying that you can look at something a lottusscript times and not see that something obvious applies here. In a nutshellonly things that truly will be shared throughout the form for example, an ODBC connection, session, or state variables should be in the global declarations.

A constant is a holder of information that cannot be changed later on. This code then can be used by calling the name that you gave it. If you do not set the name of the function, nothing is returned by the function. Note that the code area is a rich-text field. The output from this would be “It wasn’t a createobjedt selection!

That is why we must use a Variant here. Createobjech Lotus documentation suggests using Do While instead of the While Notice that you did not fill in all the values, but that didn’t matter.


Option Declare forces developers to declare all their variables. And if the initial design of the code has been forgotten, all these little code pieces that change that global variable will probably make a change to it that invalidates it for some other piece of code. But that leads to maintenance problems, exposes a formula that should be hidden, and does not permit you to reuse your code. It keeps its information exactly as it was when it was first defined. This is used not only here with user-defined data types; you’ll see it again when we cover classes and objects.

Why did you get a Type Mismatch error? This violates our good programming standards. When you have defined a variable with your own custom type, you can use it similar to any built-in variable.

For example, instead of typing 3. Consider that a programmer uses the variable name PolicyNum in one lotusscrlpt of the program but then later uses PolicyNumb without realizing it.

Option Declare tells the computer that no variable can be used without first being declared that is, you need to Dim it somewhere before it is used. The best way to get around this is to introduce a variant of the subroutine, called the function. This is an advantage of object-oriented programming. Let’s go back to our example that launches Word. The subroutine is defined first by the command subwhich says that a subroutine is being declared.

CreateObject function (LotusScript Language)

Pl find the code below:. This class member variable will hold the Word application reference returned by the CreateObject method. This program counts, lotusscrpt by increments of 2 rather than 1. To get the number of K in a file, divide the file by Our good programming rules say that a subroutine should perform only one clear, concise function and should be named accordingly.


Now if you now click Run, you should get a Type Mismatch error. Here is the code that can be entered into the LotusScript Editor the Chapter Classes define the attributes and actions of objects.

CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

It also promotes consistency in design and development. Having a nice library of OLE automation classes permits you to extend the reach of Lotus Notes to the entire Windows environment.

You received a “Type Mismatch” error. We will cover classes and objects later in this chapter. Sign up using Email and Password.

CreateObject (NotesUIDocument – LotusScript)

A Variant is a unique data type in LotusScript. Word has an excellent print engine, and sometimes it is useful to print heavy print jobs via Word rather than Notes, but without the user knowing what you are doing. Now we come to the first of the two key parts of all classes: After the new subroutine comes the delete subroutine. Then comes the option parameter list again, with the same parameter. You should have gotten “Variable Not Declared: What does it mean?

In that document, enter the following code:. And that brings up our next topic, script libraries.

As stated previously in the “Communication” section, variables should be named in a manner that clearly indicates what they are for, that is conciseand crwateobject is atomic that is, has only one meaning.

Good programmers rarely use Variants. What do you get? The parameter list is similar to using Dim in a program: This specific example is called OLE automation, but it amounts to the same thing: